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BioVale events 2016 – 2021

3Bi Consortia Building Event: Horizon Europe and the Circular Bioeconomy

3Bi brought its members together for an event to help create international partnerships with a view to developing Horizon Europe funding applications.

This event provided members with the opportunity to:

• Understand more about Horizon Europe topics relevant to the circular bioeconomy

• Link with new circular bioeconomy partners across Europe interested in collaborative research and innovation.

• Join consortia forming around specific Horizon Europe circular economy topics.

BioVale is a founder member of 3Bi.

Interactive session on finding value from agri-food co-products

Wagralim and BioVale organised an interactive webinar on developing high-value chemicals and materials from agri-food co-products and by-products with a focus on waste from fruits and vegetables.

The objective of the event was to help organisations from the Belgian and British clusters understand market trends, learn about new possibilities from innovation and give them the opportunity to network with potential technology providers and supply chain members across the Channel.

Compulsory collection of domestic food waste: implications for AD

Food waste accounts for just 5% of household waste yet is responsible for around 25% of the waste sector’s carbon footprint. The Resources and Waste Strategy for England will require all English local authorities to collect food waste separately by 2023. This will require local authority food waste collection to roughly double in two years. This webinar discussed the implications of this for the AD industry and how innovation can help.

Presentations available in the Member Area. Watch now.

How to find increased value from your by-products and waste streams

Organised by the Biorenewables Development Centre and BioVale, this webinar invited businesses to explore how they can create value from ‘waste’ streams by accessing our pre-funded projects.

This event was part of the West Yorkshire Innovation Festival.

Presentations available in the Member Area. Watch now.

Decarbonising Yorkshire with Anaerobic Digestion

This workshop looks at how Yorkshire can make more use of anaerobic digestion (AD) to decarbonise its industry, waste management, farming and transport in order to meet UK targets. It also considers the implications of the Government’s Green Gas Support Scheme expected in 2021 to encourage provision of green gas to the grid.

Presentations available in the Member Area. Watch now.

Yorkshire as a focus for innovation in food manufacturing sustainability

Organised by BioVale as part of the THYME Project in partnership with Make it York for York Business Week and York and North Yorkshire LEP for Circular Yorkshire Month, this webinar explored opportunities and challenges for the food manufacturing sector to develop higher value products from food production side streams. Presentations available in the Member area. Watch now.

How your business can find value from food waste streams

Organised by BioVale and the York and North Yorkshire Enterprise Partnership as part of the Circular Yorkshire Initiative, this webinar invited businesses to explore how they could find new income streams, cut costs and improve their green credentials by creating value from food ‘waste’ streams. Presentations available in the Member area. Watch now.

How do we create a circular, biobased economy in a petro, post-Covid world?

This webinar, delivered as part of the the 3Bi intercluster provided insights into how the petrochemical industry is engaging with the circular bioeconomy. Watch now

Preventing plastic pollution from AD digestate

This free webinar considered innovation to address the issue of pollution of farmland with plastics from AD digestate. Presentations available in the Member area. Watch now.

Anaerobic digestion: regional research showcase

An event showcasing the latest discoveries and innovation for AD from across Yorkshire, the Humber and the North East. Organised as part of the THYME project. Presentations available in the Member area.

Natural ingredient innovation for flavours and fragrances

Hosted by Croda, this workshop considered innovation around the use of natural ingredients for flavours and fragrances in both the food and personal care industries. Followed by a tour of Croda’s analytical facilities. Presentations available in the Member area.

Is the time right for small scale AD?

This meeting explored what the future might look like for small-scale AD (under 2 MW) and concluded with a site visit to a dairy farm with small-scale AD. Presentations available in the Member area.

Meet the BioVale Members

Hosted by City of York Council, this annual event included a bioeconomy review of the year, networking with members of the BioVale Steering Group and pitches from three inspiring UK entrepreneurs to the audience, which included a number of UK investors.

Unavoidable food waste in Yorkshire: opportunities to add value

This meeting presented the results of mapping work commissioned to identify opportunities to add value to food manufacturing waste in Yorkshire. It also drew together food manufacturers with unavoidable waste and technology providers who could use waste to make useful products as well as funders who could help support innovation projects.

Dealing with difficult feedstocks

This workshop discussed the regulatory and practical pitfalls associated with using problematic waste streams as AD feedstocks and showcased some new technology solutions. Followed by an optional tour of the Biorenewables Development Centre. Presentations available in the Member area.

Imagining a world without food waste

A panel of experts discussed the challenges and opportunities of preventing food waste across the food supply chain, from farm to fork, followed by an interactive Q&A. Organised as part of the University of York’s Festival of Ideas.

Minimising the environmental impact of AD digestate on farmland

A workshop considering the use of digestate from the viewpoints of policy makers, operators and farmers and showcasing some new technologies that might provide a solution for farmers as well as new value streams for AD operators. Presentations available in the Member area.

BioVale members' evening

Annual event reviewing and celebrating the achievements of the regional bioeconomy. The evening included presentations from three innovative biobased start-ups: Holiferm, Nova Extraction and Green Rose.

Optimising your AD plant

A workshop which looked at the latest ideas and technology to explore how to get the best from an AD plant and concluded with an optional tour of Amur’s AD plant. Presentations available in the Member area.

Value from unavoidable food waste breakfast meeting

A panel of experts from industry, policy and academia discussed the opportunities, barriers and latest technologies used to valorise unavoidable food waste at this meeting. Presentations available in the Member area.

Pitch Event: Chemistry & Industrial Biotechnology for a circular bioeconomy

Organised as part of the Chemistry and IB Showcase event held at the University of York. 6 finalists pitched to a panel of investors, with Colorifix winning the competition.

Focus on feedstock

A workshop discussing the issues around feedstock: how to get it right and what to do when things go wrong. Followed by networking and an ‘ask the expert’ session. Presentations available in the Member area.

BioVale members’ evening

This event included a bioeconomy review of the year and talks from Steve Bagshaw, CEO of Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies and Ian Wright, CEO of NEPIC.

AD breakfast digest

An opportunity for delegates to visit the Biorenewables Development Centre’s facilities and network with BioVale’s Anaerobic Digestion Special Interest Group.

Workshop on Industrial Biotechnology

This workshop was organised with the participation of the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills and was supported by the KTN, BioVale, CPI, IBioIC and organised by the BBIA. The objective was to feed into the UK bioeconomy strategy and gather evidence on the potential of and barriers to the development of a UK bioeconomy.

Using digestate on farmland

This workshop explored the issues and latest developments around using AD digestate on farmland and included an optional tour of GWE Biogas’s Driffield facility. Presentations available in the Member area.

Biomethane as transport fuel

This workshop considered the opportunities, risks and practicalities around the use of biomethane for transport in light of imminent consultation on the Renewable Fuel Transport Obligations (RFTO). The workshop concluded with an optional tour of JFS’s Leeming Bar AD facility. Presentations available in the Member area.

Feast or famine: the future of food manufacturing

This breakfast networking event saw a panel comprised of businesses and academics discuss emerging technologies and opportunities for Yorkshire businesses to add value to food waste. Hosted and sponsored by the National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering at Sheffield Hallam University and sponsored by BioVale.

BioVale members’ event

An evening of networking to celebrate a successful year for the Yorkshire and Humber bioeconomy. The event included a talk from Will Cannon, Director for new projects at Croda. Presentations available in the Member area.