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Our mission and vision

BioVale strengthens Yorkshire and the Humber’s circular bioeconomy through our support for bio-based innovation and business.

Our aim is to establish the region as a world-leading centre for bioeconomy innovation which focuses on renewable raw materials and low-carbon agriculture. In this way, we will stimulate economic growth and support the UN sustainable development goals.

What we do

Yorkshire and the Humber has all that is needed to fulfill this vision. Our thriving farming, food and drink, and chemical sectors all benefit from globally renowned R&D and unique scale-up facilities.

We are building on these strong foundations, working with business and academia to realign the region’s economy to a bio-based economy, equipped to meet global economic and environmental challenges head-on.

  • We bring together over 900 members with a shared interest in a greener economy.
  • We facilitate networking, dialogue and partnerships among the region’s bio-based researchers, innovators and supply chains.
  • We support the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem for bio-based products, processes and services.
  • We help bio-based businesses communicate their niche products or services to key stakeholders.
  • We bring together two special interest groups on anaerobic digestion and hemp.
  • We promote the region nationally and internationally as a place to do bio-based business and R&D.

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Who we are

BioVale is a non-profit company associated with the University of York. BioVale operates as a team of the Biorenewables Development Centre.