BioVale promotes and develops the bioeconomy across Yorkshire and the Humber

The world is shifting away from fossil fuel dependency towards a bioeconomy which uses renewable, biological resources. BioVale promotes Yorkshire and the Humber as a thriving centre of successful innovation for the bioeconomy and helps regional enterprise profit from the valuable business opportunities in this high growth sector. Read more.

A new resource for schools outreach - the Bioeconomy Outreach Centre

Through the THYME project, we are able to offer a unique, flexible space to hold events or meetings at our newly developed Bioeconomy Outreach Centre. The centre includes an innovative exhibition of everyday products made from renewable materials which aims to inspire companies and provide an educational learning space for school groups and teachers.

Join us for specialised support, information and contacts in the rapidly expanding bioeconomy

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About 19 hours ago
Busy few days ahead as we are in Belgium to see the progress on the #Agrimax project & catch up with the consortium.

About 19 hours ago
We are looking forward to taking part in this conference! #circular #bioeconomy

About 20 hours ago
Samples and prototypes made from agrifood waste @Agrimax_EU project meeting