BioVale promotes and develops the bioeconomy across Yorkshire and the Humber

The world is shifting away from fossil fuel dependency towards a bioeconomy which uses renewable, biological resources. BioVale promotes Yorkshire and the Humber as a thriving centre of successful innovation for the bioeconomy and helps regional enterprise profit from the valuable business opportunities in this high growth sector. Read more.

Could your company benefit from an intern?

Through a low-cost route, internships allow you to assess high-quality, strongly motivated students in your workplace as potential future employees and raise awareness of your company as a good place for graduates to work. Many internship schemes are available in the region. Read more.

Join us for specialised support, information and contacts in the rapidly expanding bioeconomy

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23 February
Great article on innovative farming in Yorkshire & comment from BioVale steering group member @STC_Ltd #innovation

23 February
Rob van de Meji, Capricorn Ventures will be speaking at 2018 Biocamp on company valuation & assessment. Join other…