BioVale promotes and develops the circular bioeconomy across Yorkshire and the Humber

As the world faces up to its challenges, one solution is to shift away from fossil fuels in favour of a greener economy which uses renewable, biological resources. As Yorkshire and the Humber’s innovation cluster, BioVale promotes our region as a thriving centre for this new, bio-based economy and helps enterprise profit from its high-growth, future-proofed business opportunities.

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We can provide you with supply chain introductions, networking, access to investment, communications, entrepreneurial, start-up and specialised business support as well as keeping you up-to-date with the latest developments and opportunities.

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Our upcoming bioeconomy events

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10–11 May 2023

BioVale at ChemUK 2023

25 May 2023

Foaming in Anaerobic Digestion: Challenges and solutions

Project in focus - support for Yorkshire businesses

We delivered a programme which allowed eligible Yorkshire businesses to access two days worth of our time to support bio-based start-ups or the commercialisation of new bio-based products/services. This support is part of the BDC’s ERDF-funded business support programme which comes to an end in June 2023. Our team is now looking for other sources to support local SMEs.

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Our region's bioeconomy

If the bioeconomy is going to achieve its potential anywhere, it will be in Yorkshire and the Humber: this region has an outstanding combination of biobased research, industry and agriculture. Watch this short animation to find out why our region is one of the best places in the world for the bioeconomy.

Site visit to AD plant

Business Support

We can help your bio-based business with new contacts in the supply chain, investment, communication support and access to bioeconomy expertise.

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BioVale pitch fest


Support for entrepreneurs to develop and commercialise their bio-based business idea.

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We can connect you to international opportunities and collaborations through our links with other bioeconomy clusters and international projects.

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9 May 2023

Survey – building the case for environmental sciences to support the UK bioeconomy

BioVale are involved in a NERC-commissioned project to build the economic case for environmental sciences as integral for a prosperous …