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Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence

Yorkshire and the Humber is home to internationally renowned bioeconomy research and has a track record of developing competitive bio-based products, processes and services.

Open-access, scale-up facilities for biorenewables

  • The Biorenewables Development Centre (BDC), offers open-access facilities that bridge the gap between the world-class science base at the University of York and the needs of industry to develop and scale up new greener processes and products.

Specialised research centres

Agricultural and horticultural research

Research partnerships and networks led from the region

  • BioYorkshire is is a ten year programme that will accelerate the translation and application of research discoveries into full scale biotechnology applications. It will use the region’s world class science base to deliver the profitable bio-based production of chemicals, materials, and fuels.
  • N8 Agri-Food combines the world-leading crop and livestock research at the N8 universities with the translational capabilities of six university farms to create a single research programme.
  • The Biomass Biorefinery Network (BBNet) is building a dynamic community of industrial and academic practitioners who are working together to develop new processes for the conversion of non-food biomass into fuels, chemicals and materials.
  • High Value Biorenewables Network (HVB) focuses on responding to the current and future needs of a multi-disciplinary research community, promoting discovery and facilitating knowledge transfer between UK academia.