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29 March 2022 9:00am–10:45am Book now

Innovation to unlock growth in the AD industry

Join us for our next anaerobic digestion (AD) event exploring innovations in the AD sector

The anaerobic digestion (AD) industry faces a challenging future of dwindling subsidies and increasing environmental regulatory standards. New technologies could be the way forward: offering the possibility of wider feedstock choice, increased productivity, new income streams or pollution solutions. This meeting aims to reconsider what is possible at an AD plant by exploring just some of the exciting innovations that are out there. It should be of interest to operators, technology providers, waste managers and researchers.

Presentations include:

  • Why the AD Industry needs innovation- Jon Brigg (Stoic Options)
  • Innovative pre-treatment to optimise AD from food waste – Laura Stone (Econward Tech)
  • Raising yields with probiotics -Matt Smith (NCH), Chris Hoare (Amur)
  • Optimising your microbes – James Chong (University of York)
  • Accelerating biogas production with microbubbles – Will Zimmerman (University of Sheffield)
  • Better mixing for better productivity – John Bridgeman (University of Bradford)
  • Biomethane upgrading – Ciaran Sharpe (BACB Renewables)
  • Reducing emissions from digestate – Nick Humphries (N2Applied)

This is an online webinar.

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29 March 2022