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Agrimax partners

BioVale is currently involved in several exciting projects and initiatives.


Europe’s leading bioeconomy clusters, including BioVale, have joined forces to form the 3Bi Intercluster. The goal is to support European companies to access important new markets based on renewable raw materials.

Bioeconomy Growth programme

Through this ERDF- funded programme, BioVale and the Biorenewables Development Centre (BDC) can offer SMEs funded support, worth around 2 days of work, to develop innovative products or processes.

Anglo American

Following on from two workshops held at Anglo American to identify regional bioeconomy businesses, a pilot programme of business support has been launched to help 10 businesses to develop their products and processes with support from bioeconomy experts at BioVale and the Biorenewables Development Centre (BDC) at the University of York


AgriLoop is an EU-funded project that is developing sustainable processes to convert agri-food residues into high-value, eco-friendly products for use in food, feed and bio based materials.


Drawing on the innovative work already underway at BioYork, BioYorkshire is a 10 year plan with the ultimate ambition of cementing the region as the UK’s centre of innovation and commercialisation in the bioeconomy. The project harnesses the expertise of scientists and industry experts and is led by the University of YorkAskham Bryan College and Fera Science Ltd.


This ERDF – funded programme offers funded support to eligible Yorkshire businesses to optimise their anaerobic digestion (AD) processes or develop new processes, products or feedstocks for the AD industry.  Through ADCEY, eligible companies can access the expertise and the state-of-the–art facilities of the BDC and of Professor James Chong’s research group at the University of York for help in researching or developing AD innovations.   By supporting the regional AD industry, the ADCEY project will drive the growth of a low-carbon, circular economy in Yorkshire.

Bioeconomy Ventures Programme

BioVale is part of the Bioeconomy Ventures Programme, which includes twenty European organisations, from bioeconomy innovation agencies, accelerators, incubators to innovation clusters. As an ambassador of this initiative, BioVale will each organise at least two pitching and networking sessions in our- local region. The goal is to boost European entrepreneurship at a local level by connecting start-ups, investors and to engage them with the Bioeconomy Ventures platform.

The THYME Project

BioVale is a partner in this project to develop the bioeconomy across Yorkshire, the Humber and the Tees Valley, led by the University of York. The project is part of Research England’s investment to drive university commercialisation via its Connecting Capability Fund (this project ended in June 2022).


Agrimax is an EU-funded project that is developing and demonstrating the production of multiple, high-value products from crop and food-processing waste. The project is also developing economically competitive business models for the commercialisation of these products (this project ended in December 2021).


BioVale is part of BioYork: a University of York-led initiative focused on using our world class research and knowledge base to drive the development of UK bio-based industries to deliver growth, jobs and environmental benefits (now part of BioYorkshire).