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BioVale event

We actively promote the interests of our region’s bio-based economy with key policy makers and influencers.

  • We work closely with the City of York Council (CYC) and Make it York and sit on key strategic business committees. We influenced CYC’s decision to define itself as a “bioeconomy opportunity city”.
  • We led on the initial response to the call for Science and Innovation Audit (SIA) of the North of England’s bioeconomy. The SIA was delivered by the University of York in September 2017 and presented to the EU parliament at a BioVale/White Rose event in 2018.
  • Our events attract senior European policy makers such as Joanna Dupont Inglis (then Chief Executive of EuropaBio), James Philp (OECD) and Waldemar Kütt (Director of the European Research Council Executive Agency).
  • We are cited as an example of good practice in supporting knowledge exchange and commercialisation in the BBSRC’s 2017 report Developing a Strategy for Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy in the UK.
  • We feature prominently in the Government’s 2015 report on the bioeconomy Building a High-Value Bioeconomy.
  • Our Bioeconomy Roundtable regularly brings together a select group of regional stakeholders to provide expert opinion and thought leadership on key topics