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BioVale regularly brings together a select group of key regional stakeholders to:

  • provide expert opinions and thought leadership on key topics
  • share knowledge and updates from their organisations and sectors
  • create synergies, partnerships and opportunities across bioeconomy

The BioVale Roundtable includes:

  • Elspeth Bartlet, BioVale Cluster Manager, BioVale
  • Clive Blacker, Head of Arable & Produce, Map of Ag
  • Kristy Blakeborough, Environment Officer, Drax
  • Simon Brereton, Head of Economic Growth, CYC
  • Will Cannon, Project Development Director, Croda
  • Adrian Charlton, Principal Scientist, Fera Science
  • James Clark, Director of GCCE, University of York
  • Julian Davies, Agronomy Director, Stockbridge Technology Centre
  • Ron Gatenby, Chairman & Chief Executive, Simpson
  • Ian Graham, Director of BioYork and Weston Chair of Biochemical Genetics, University of York
  • Charlotte Hill, Research & Innovation Engineer, Drax
  • Lucy Hopwood, Company Director, Executive: Lead Consultant – Bioenergy & Anaerobic Digestion, NNFCC
  • Christine Parry, Co-Products Development Manager, AB Agri
  • Joe Ross, Director, Biorenewables Development Centre
  • Katie Thomas, Low Carbon and Circular Economy Lead, YNYER LEP

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