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We were a partner in the THYME project with the objective of developing the bioeconomy across Yorkshire, the Humber and the Tees Valley. Led by the University of York, the project developed valuable resources for entrepreneurs, bio-based businesses and schools. The THYME project was supported by Research England’s Connecting Capability Fund.

Materials for schools

  • Bioeconomy board game: An educational board game for 3-12 players that challenges you to create value from waste and benefit your community. Suitable for ages KS4 to adult. Available to purchase from Focus Games.
  • Bioeconomy electronic quiz: Get more waste into recycling and avoid sending it to landfill. Suitable for ages KS3 to adult. Available online.
  • Bioeconomy crosswords: Two crosswords containing bioeconomy terms. Activities for KS3-4 and KS5 downloadable below.
  • Bioeconomy wordsearch: Suitable for KS3. Downloadable below.
  • Fantastic bioplastic: A quiz on degradable, biodegradable and compostable plastics and a practical activity to make your own bioplastic. Downloadable below.
  • Clean and green soap: Learn about the history and science of soap and a practical activity to make your own soap. Downloadable below.
  • How to make money from orange peel: Understanding how ‘waste’ materials can be processed to obtain valuable products. Downloadable below
  • Bio batteries: Learn how the BDC and others are making batteries from renewable resources and make your own using fruits and vegetables. Infosheets available below.
  • Paint a fruity rainbow with homemade paints: Suitable for all ages. Video available here and information sheet downloadable below.
  • Use your loaf: Learn how bread waste can be used to create high value chemicals and even beer! Information sheet available below.
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Entrepreneurship workshop presentations

The THYME Project delivered a series of workshops for university staff from Teesside, Hull and York to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation best practice. Details of these workshops and downloadable presentations are below (Information correct as of 2018):

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