Smart collaboration between agritech and biotech

By 2030, it is estimated that more than half of the world’s agricultural output will depend on biotechnology. The Yorkshire and Humber region is at the forefront of research and development in this field, with a thriving cluster of agri-food enterprises, research centres and initiatives.

Advanced LED lighting at the Stockbridge technology Centre

Yorkshire and the Humber is one of the UK’s most important agricultural areas. Its farmers are fast adopters of the latest agri-tech developments. 

  • Over 11,000 farming, forestry and fishery enterprises
  • 17% of the UK’s cereal area and 36% of its pigs
  • The UK’s largest area of miscanthus energy crops
  • Two of the UK’s fastest-growing agricultural colleges at Askham Bryan and Bishop Burton

The universities of York, Sheffield and Leeds are in the UK’s top 20 organisations for agri-tech and agri-science research. 

  • The National Pig Development Centre at Leeds is the UK’s largest facility for pig research, development and knowledge transfer.
  • The Centre for Novel Agricultural Products at York uses plant and microbial sciences for the development of sustainable industries and to enhance food security.
  • The Plant Production and Protection Centre at Sheffield is a centre of excellence for translational plant and soil science.

Public sector research is complemented by a wide range of cutting-edge, private research organisations.

  • At Fera Science, 350 scientists work across the agri-food supply chain to tackle the challenges facing UK agriculture-their services include the UK’s largest plant clinic.
  • The Stockbridge Technology Centre provides advice, technology, innovation and education to the horticultural sector.
  • Sciantec Analytical is part of the UK’s largest independent provider of analytical laboratory testing services for the land-based industries.

Nationally important agri-tech initiatives are led from the region.

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If you want to access the region’s agri-tech innovation, contact BioVale.