Focus areas

We prioritise those areas of regional strength with the greatest opportunity for economic and environmental benefits. Our focus areas are:

  • value from biowastes and by-products of agri-food supply chains,
  • high-value chemicals and advanced fuels from plants and microbes,
  • smart collaboration between agri-tech and industrial biotech.

We support a bioeconomy that does not reduce the resources available for food production, and so our emphasis is on the use of biowastes and on high-value, low-volume products from plants that only need relatively small areas of farmland.

The region’s unique capabilities are outlined in the four sector overviews shown below.


Advanced LED lighting at the Stockbridge technology Centre

Smart collaboration between agritech and biotech

By 2030, it is estimated that more than half of the world’s agricultural output will depend on biotechnology.  

Woody residues can be the source of more sustainable biofuels

Advanced biofuels and biorefineries

Yorkshire is playing a leading role in the transition from fossil fuels towards more sustainable sources of energy and chemicals.

biobased chemical innovation in Yorks & Humber

High-value chemicals from plants and microbes

Natural products are increasingly sought after by manufacturers from the personal care, food, drink and pharma sectors.

Value from Unavoidable Food Waste | BioVale

Value from unavoidable food waste

New income streams from food waste, crop residues and by-products.