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15 November 2022 10:30am–2:00pm Book now

Building capacity and connectivity for the UK hemp textiles supply chain

Join the Hemp Special Interest Group (Hemp SIG) for an exclusive round table event focused on developing UK supply chains for hemp textiles

Building capacity and connectivity for the UK hemp textiles supply chain

This Hemp SIG round table event will focus on developing UK supply chains for hemp textiles and associated products. The event will be hosted by Harrison Spinks at Hornington Manor, Near Tadcaster, their events and hemp-processing site.

UK hemp textile supply chain: A growing awareness of the textile industry’s environmental impact has increased the interest in, and adoption of, the use of hemp fibre as a sustainable alternative to cotton. Currently there is little domestic production of hemp woven textiles in the UK, largely due to the lack of processing capacity. Although the existing machinery used to produce non-woven products in the UK can be used to process hemp, the volume of raw materials needed would require a significant scale-up of cultivation and investment.

Hemp and sustainability: Hemp needs less water, fewer chemical inputs and can produce three times the amount of fibre than cotton grown in the same space. In addition to this , hemp also has a high capacity for carbon sequestration and can be grown as a soil regenerating break crop.

Hemp functional and therapeutic qualities: There is some evidence that hemp has water wicking, temperature regulating, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic qualities as well as being effective at blocking UV rays and four times more durable than cotton. Given these qualities, it provides an excellent option for clothing, upholstery, and for non-woven medical products such as wipes, wound dressings, or surgical clothing.

Roundtable discussion: The aims of the discussion are to facilitate connections between those who are interested in building the UK’s capacity to produce and market woven and nonwoven hemp textiles and associated products. The round table discussion will be chaired by Mark Blakeston from Grow Yorkshire.

Hemp processing tour and networking lunch: The event will also include a tour by Harrison Spinks of their hemp processing facility and a networking lunch sponsored by Clarion.

Participation: Invitation to join this discussion is open to stakeholders across the hemp textile value chain from technology providers through to producers of branded products.

Please note that limited places are available and attendance will be confirmed via email.

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15 November 2022




Hornington Manor
Oxton Lane

Bolton Percy

YO23 7AS