Diverse agriculture

Almost 70% of Yorkshire and the Humber is farmland and it is one of the UK’s most important agricultural regions.

The Yorkshire and Humber region:

  • produces 12% of England’s agricultural output.
  • employs 10% of its agricultural workforce.
  • rears nearly a third of its pigs.

Because of the region’s varied soils and topography it can grow a wide range of crops including:

  • all the UK’s important arable crops (wheat, oilseed rape, barley, sugar beet, potatoes, peas, beans, maize).
  • energy crops, including short rotation coppice willow and Miscanthus.
  • specialist oilseed and fibre crops, such as borage and hemp.

Agricultural businesses in the region range from range from global players to family businesses including:

  • over 11,000 agriculture, forestry and fishery enterprises.
  • the world’s largest pea-processing plant in Hull.
  • regional bases for Cargill, Syngenta, Frontier and Limagrain.

The region’s farmers are highly innovative and receptive to new technologies and techniques. They are supported by a strong regional capacity in agricultural research, development and training.



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Sally Steadman, Head of External Relations and Agritech Lead Askham Bryan College