World-class Research

The region is home to internationally important research in the bioeconomy, with a track record of developing competitive bio-based products, processes and services. Hundreds of scientists and technologists are at work in universities, specialised research centres, scale-up facilities and technology institutes. Their research and development attracts worldwide recognition and major investment from grant-awarding bodies and the private sector.

Scale-up facilities for biorenewables

  • The Biorenewables Development Centre (BDC) offers open-access facilities that bridge the gap between the world-class science base at the University of York and the needs of industry to develop and scale up new greener processes and products.

Specialised research centres

Agricultural and horticultural research

Research partnerships and networks led from the region



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Our region

has the universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York, all in the UK top 20 for agri-tech and agri-science research.