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Single Use Alternatives: a sustainable alternative to single use plastics

Single Use Alternatives was founded by brothers, Adrian and Neil Balcombe, whose passion for the outdoors and the environment led them to create a company whose mission is to provide products that offer a sustainable alternative to single use plastics. As an established, UK independent, online business their commercial model focuses on providing information to enable customers an easy and affordable way for them to make the switch from oil-based single use plastic disposables to sustainable, renewable, biobased alternatives.

Sourced from 15 international manufacturers, the company features over 450 different products made from plant based plastics covering everything from the usual disposable coffee cups, lids, deli containers, and cutlery to the more unusual plant based cling film, gloves, stickers, and cellulose bags. The company buys in bulk and passes the savings on to its customers, making the most of supply chain efficiencies, AI, and technology. Being lean themselves means they are very competitive and their focus on continuously improving their environmental credentials has resonated with 1000s of customers UK wide.

Adrian and Neil Balcombe, Founders of Single Use Alternatives

Adrian Balcombe, was introduced to BioVale by Innovate UK to connect with like-minded businesses and researchers. Talking about his membership with Biovale he commented: ‘Our partnership with BioVale enables us to share our commercial experience with those innovators who wish to bring to market new biobased products, as well as become one of the most informative UK based websites with regard to knowledge about biobased products, current, and new feedstocks and the circular economy.’

Single Use Alternatives are keen to hear from other innovators, researchers, and entrepreneurs with regard to developing new biobased containers to solve the current issues posed by aluminium takeaway containers and trays that cannot be microwaved or single use plastic containers that cannot be used in the oven. The company is proud to have fast-tracked new and innovative products such as Notpla’s seaweed lined takeaway boxes and spill proof Zume trays, bowls, and lids in the last 6 months. They are now looking to a new challenge to address the environmental impact of aluminium and oil based single use plastic products and to find or develop new alternatives with recyclability and the circular economy designed into their production.

For more about Single Use Alternatives please see their website or contact adrian@singleusealternatives.co.uk.