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Europe’s leading bioeconomy intercluster, 3Bi welcomes CLIB

As 2020 draws to a close we celebrate the German industrial biotechnology cluster, CLIB formally joining Europe’s leading bioeconomy cluster, 3Bi earlier in the year.

3Bi is a strategic European partnership that builds on the complementary strengths of five regional innovation clusters: the Circular Biobased Delta, BioEconomy Cluster, BioVale, Industries & Agro Resources (IAR) and CLIB. The goal of 3Bi is to help European companies to make the most of new markets and new opportunities from the bioeconomy. It works to strengthen European collaboration and innovation to create globally competitive products and services for the bioeconomy. It helps European companies working in this sector to access the international partnerships and overseas markets they need.

Further details on the individual clusters:

IAR – France

BioEconomy Cluster – Germany

BioVale  – United Kingdom

Circular Biobased Delta – the Netherlands

CLIB  – Germany