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Bio networks worth watching

You might know Biovale is a cluster organisation, but may not know what that means or how it can benefit you. Simply put, cluster organisations facilitate cooperation between different actors in a regional ecosystem. In this context, BioVale exists to connect its members with each other to create meaningful collaborations and bring new technologies and products to market to help develop the regional bioeconomy. We organise events, trade missions, make one-to-one introductions, support the development of entrepreneurship and enterprise in biobased industries and support companies looking to scale up at our site at the Biorenewables Development Centre.

Every week my inbox is filled with useful and inspiring content from other cluster organisations and support networks which seek to encourage, support and inspire readers who may not necessarily see many examples of bio-based developments in mainstream media channels. Granted, schemes like the Earthshot Prize have been successful in developing the visibility of bio enterprise to the general public. Hopefully we’ll see more funds and awards divert their categories and programmes towards ‘clean tech’ in the coming years. The mood within University enterprise departments seems very much in favour of showcasing the bioeconomy as a huge opportunity for students to investigate and approach with fresh ideas.

If you’re interested in developments in the bioeconomy, there are some great organisations to watch, mailing lists to sign up for and accounts to follow. I have outlined some of my favourites below, including some which cover more general entrepreneurship stories. I am not big on Social Media, however all those companies have their insta/x/tiktok accounts too if you’re more trendy than me.


Freethink believes the daily news should inspire people to build a better world. They highlight solutions rather than problems, which is a positive start to the day when I read their newsletter every Tuesday! Sign up here

Sifted shares the latest startup news, analysis and in-depth reporting on Europe’s founders, investors and operators. Worth watching if you’re looking to enter the industry. Get the newsletter here

World Bio Market Insights and World Bio Market Insights TV – YouTube Bio Markets Weekly is an e-newsletter bringing you even more bio industry news and insights, as well as updates on company performance. The YT channel has some great content and makes a nice background channel whilst you work.

Bioeconomy Ventures has created a platform for bioeconomy-based start-ups and spin-offs, driving their access to finance and, as they say, ‘becoming the future lighthouse in the European bioeconomy ecosystem’. We are one of their ambassadors and they’re a great network to be part of. Subscribe to the project newsletter

The UK Export Academy has a great range of programmes for anyone looking to trade abroad, with expert sessions around a range of topics from finding customers to export licences. You can sign up for any programmes via the website.

Net Zero Insights offer data, insights and updates on the climate tech venture space which can help you spot trends and keep abreast of what’s hot with investors at the moment. Newsletter – Net Zero Insights

GreenBiz is another news network who shares inspiring stories about the transition to a clean economy. You can get their newsletter here.



The recommendations above are attached to some great websites already, but I wanted to highlight a few extras. First, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation has some excellent information about what the circular bioeconomy looks like, and has useful resources which you can use to help get the message across to your teams and customers.

Want to learn more about the bioeconomy and see some examples of how the University of York and BioVale are helping the transition towards a brighter future? You can take our online ‘MOOC’ (Massive Open Online Course) here: Bioeconomy – Study at York, University of York

Good On You offers thousands of brand ratings, articles and expertise on ethical and sustainable fashion, helping you to make a conscious choice to support companies who are ethical and truly sustainable. Read more about how they rate brands here and search for some you’re familiar with. Are they as careful as they say they are?



Podcasts have really taken off recently, with seemingly every topic being covered by a range of people from every corner of the world. Here are some that I like to listen to in the car or when out walking the dog.



Material Value: More Sustainable, Less Wasteful Manufacturing of Everything from Cell Phones to Cleaning Products: Amazon.co.uk this book is very easy to read, with no technical jargon. It contains some really surprising facts about the things we take for granted and use every day, but also gives some great examples of how we can replace products with better alternatives which make a difference.

Cradle to Cradle. Remaking the Way We Make Things this book extolls the benefit of modelling nature to create a circular economy where waste is seen as a useful resource. Why not challenge the belief that human industry must damage the natural world? An entertaining and inspiring read.

Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature : Benyus, Janine M: Amazon.co.uk: Books working in the bioeconomy often involves observing what nature has already spent billions of years developing, and mimicking it to create processes and products. Let’s head out of the lab and see what nature did to solve the problems we face today. After all, aren’t humans just a blip?


I hope that gives you some inspiration! If you have a favourite book, podcast or website why not message us with your suggestions?

Chris Hiscocks

BioVale Enterprise Manager