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SME spotlight: Mortimer Engineering

Design Engineer – from concept to installation and anywhere between

Having spent 25 years working at a world-class University, Chris Mortimer has chosen to follow his passion and set up Mortimer Engineering. A registered Chartered Engineer with an MSc in Advanced Engineering Materials Chris has extensive experience of design and manufacturing bespoke solutions. This experience covers a range of materials and applications for research, development, pilot plant, and industrial manufacturing.

Inspired by 3 years of designing and building a brain imaging system (MEG) for a medical device start-up company, Chris decided to take his expertise out into the wider market.

Chris Mortimer, CEO Mortimer Engineering

’’ My passion is to develop new solutions that enable technology, projects, and start-ups to gain traction and progress the concept through to product. Whether you are looking to start from scratch, add to your existing equipment, or simply make what you have work better, we can help. We understand what is available on the market and how to install and configure it to get the job done. We can maintain and optimize your current equipment helping you to save costs and if what you need is not out there, we can help create it for you.’’ Chris Mortimer, CEO Mortimer Engineering.

Specializing in pressure/vacuum systems across the bio and chemical industries Mortimer Engineering works closely with clients to determine their requirements and provide turnkey solutions including concept generation, prototypes, and drawings for manufacture, configuration, and assembly. We work with large established enterprises that may not have the in-house capability as well as those looking to develop a concept.

Mortimer engineering provides a diverse range of services that include:

  • Design service, adopting design for manufacture and design for assembly principles.
  • General engineering – Solutions for simple requirements where there is no ‘off the shelf’ product.
  • Pressure systems (high pressure > 600 Bar to Ultra High Vacuum) – Designing and building hydraulic/ pneumatic systems; high-pressure gas mixing/ blending for breathing/ research applications; renovation/ recertification of supercritical vessels.
  • Heating & cooling systems (refractory to cryogenic) – Tube furnace, vacuum adapter, heated bio-board press, multi-point reactor, microwave processing
  • Process media handling – Most projects tend to be containment, reaction, manipulation, modification and/ or a combination of.
  • Proof of concept
  • Advice on materials selection
  • Engineering drawings BoMs etc.
  • Design validation – (incl ISO 13485, EN 60601, Machineries Directive)

To find out more about the work Mortimer engineering read these case studies or visit the website: https://www.mortimereng.co.uk/

Contact Chris at email: contact@mortimereng.co.uk