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SME Spotlight: Cromwell Polythene

Enabling effective domestic food waste collection to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

According to a study produced by BIFFA in 2019, the UK produces an estimated 10-14 million tonnes of food waste annually and is the highest contributor to food waste in Europe. Analysis showed that 70% of this food waste was actually edible with a value of over £19 billion a year and associated greenhouse gas emissions of 36 million tonnes.

As almost all food waste is recyclable, good waste management and recycling methods enable it to be turned into useful products such as compost and renewable energy via anaerobic digestion. As of December 2021, less than half of UK local authorities offer household food waste collections. Approximately 115 councils, including the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, offer a kerbside food waste collection service where food waste is collected in food caddies, which are typically kept in the kitchen of the household. To line these caddies, according to a study by Sancroft a compostable liner was found to be the best option in terms of preserving the quality of the waste, minimising contamination and reduced greenhouse gas emissions whilst also increasing household participation rates.

BioVale member Cromwell Polythene supplies a range of compostable caddy liners in all standard sizes that can support food waste management strategies. Manufactured from Ecopond compostable material, Cromwell’s caddy liners are fully compliant with the European composting standard EN13432, which requires more than 90% of the plastic mass to convert into biomass, CO2 and water, with no harmful residue. All Cromwell’s compostable sacks and liners fully decompose within the normal 6-10 week composting cycle in industrial composting facilities.

Cromwell Polythene will be joining BioVale at the World Biogas Expo on the 29-30 March where they will be exhibiting alongside us in the Research and Innovation Hub. They are hoping to speak to AD operators to gain valuable feedback about what benefits their compostable liners bring to the AD process. Come and speak to them at Stand A105-7!

More information about Cromwell Polythene’s compostable liners can be found here: https://www.cromwellpolythene.co.uk/compostable/