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SME spotlight: Bioshield

100% naturally derived organic, nontoxic, alternative sanitation system for farm to fork food safety

The journey that food travels from seed to shelf to basket to home is at risk of microbial contamination at every stage. Traditionally, disinfectants have been largely chlorine based however growing consumer awareness, environmental concerns, and stricter regulations have seen a demand for more sustainable and safer options. BioVale member Bioshield has a 20-year track record of providing the food transportation sector and major UK retailers with a safer, sustainably sourced, naturally biodegradable, nontoxic food sanitiser with their product Sanitrox.

100% naturally derived 

Sanitrox is a registered biocide derived from valorized orange pith and peel that is combined with natural bioflavonoids (Neohesperidin, Naringin, Poncirin, and Rhiofolen) and organic acids (Malic, Citric, Ascorbate, and Lactic). A powerful natural antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties it has proved the product to be highly effective against viruses, molds, yeast, and fungi.  These qualities not only prevent harm to human health but also increase the shelf life of products by 20%.


Sanitrox’s design and application system enables Bioshield’s clients to reduce their transportation, energy, and water consumption compared to that of traditional chemical disinfectants. Supplied as a concentrate, it works at an ambient water temperature and is applied using a bespoke biomisting technology. In addition to this, the product has a prolonged active lifespan of 30 days reducing the number of applications required. The company also offers its clients auditing, monitoring, and compliance consultancy services to meet their regulatory obligations.

Pioneers in residual protection technology

In 2022 Brent and Neil Stansfield acquired Bioshield and are proud to be pioneers in the application of residual protection technology throughout the UK and European mainland. This year the company was awarded “Logistics Partner of the Year” at a recent awards ceremony and a finalist at the Society of Food Hygiene and Technology Awards. Bioshield is currently developing delivery systems and bio-security solutions with its Industry and academic partners to provide additional solutions for their clients. These clients include major Blue-Chip logistics companies, facilities management organisations, and the top five food retail groups.


‘’At Bioshield we provide protection from potentially harmful bacteria with our innovative natural residual protection technology. Whether a shopping trolley, RTP tray, shipping container, inside a vehicle, or the thousands of surfaces that can potentially become contaminated by bacteria, mold, and fungi during the course of an ordinary workday, our revolutionary residual protective coatings will kill bacteria and preserve hygienic standards everywhere.’’ Brent Stansfield, Director Bioshield

Bioshield at CHEMUK Expo 2023

If you would like to talk to Bioshield about their services and products then they will be exhibiting alongside BioVale at the CHEMUK Expo on the 11-12 May Stand A100.

For further information please see the Bioshield website: https://www.bioshieldsystems.com/