Kick start your research collaboration with the Universities of Teesside, Hull and York – THYME project website is launched!

To support your research, knowledge exchange or technology transfer idea, the THYME project has launched its own website.

A collaboration between the Universities of Teesside, Hull and York THYME will boost the bioeconomy across Yorkshire, the Humber region and the Tees Valley. The fast-growing bioeconomy represents a major economic opportunity for the UK and particularly for the North of England, which has world-class bioeconomy assets.

The project aims to build on these regional assets to drive increased productivity of companies operating in the bioeconomy. THYME will establish a new and highly innovative collaborations that will become an exemplar for good practice in Knowledge Exchange between HEIs and industry, attracting trade and inward investment into sustainable bio-based industries and our HEIs.

The THYME website will give you access to a network of like-minded researchers from the Universities of Teesside, Hull and York, linking you to new contacts, who can help you with your research or knowledge exchange. By joining the network, you will also receive THYME funding announcements for research projects that involve collaboration between three universities as well as support information for placements, co-working with other THYME project partners and entrepreneurship training to help your turn research into commercial ideas.

Join the network today.