Two new funded projects for BioVale members: ICMEA-UK and PyroGenesys

Congratulations to BioVale members ICMEA-UK and PyroGenesys who by working together, have recently received funding for two new projects.

The first project is in collaboration with the University of Leicester, they have received Government funding of £224,697 for a project to supply Africa with electricity from waste. They will develop a novel technology to convert agricultural waste residues into renewable electricity and smokeless cooking fuels. The system will be integrated with technology developed by Koolmill to provide off-grid high-quality rice milling.

PyroPower consortium leader and PyroGenesys CEO, Simon Ighofose said: “The rural communities we aim to serve are not, typically, heavy users of electricity. Their needs are relatively undeveloped, so it’s difficult for any electrification programme to justify the costs of extending the Nigerian national grid, especially in remote areas that are also poorly served by roads. The project will also focus on developing local smokeless cooking fuel production from waste agri-residues to replace wood derived charcoal use, which is causing severe deforestation and human health issues.

“The PyroPower system USP is that it’s a low-maintenance, biomass-powered pyrolysis technology that is feedstock flexible. This enables PyroGenesys to convert most forms of agricultural and food processing waste residues into much needed electricity and clean cooking fuel at a village-level.”

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The second project is for a technology that  converts waste biomass such as brewery, food manufacturing or agricultural/forestry residues into renewable heat, power and valuable commodities. Funded by the Smart Concept Fund Project, they have received a Proof of Concept Grant for £25,000. This will contribute to the fabrication cost of a prototype pyrolysis test-rig that will be used by PyroGenesys to further their current research into the development of carbon and bio-oil products. The prototype will also be used to test a wide variety of waste biomass residues from a range of agricultural, forestry and industrial sources..

To this end, the company recently tendered and selected ICMEA-UK, a specialist prototype manufacturer to help PyroGenesys to build a system based on their proprietary pyrolysis technology. “We’re very excited to be supporting PyroGenesys with their development.  We have extensive experience in designing, modelling and building pilot scale, test and demonstration plant for renewable energy systems including pyrolysers, gasifiers, anaerobic digestion and fluidised beds; we’ll use all of this experience to help make this project a success.” said Malcolm Glendenning, Director ICMEA-UK.

Read the full press release.