Finalists announced for our pitch event

Chemistry and industrial biotechnology for a circular bioeconomy

After a rigorous selection process, the finalists for our pitch event have been announced. These successful companies will be presenting their company and the investment opportunities they provide, as part of the KTN's Chemistry and IB Showcase.

The six finalists are:

  • Colorifix: uses synthetic biology to convert commodity agricultural by-products such as sugar molasses into pigments and beautifully dyed textiles.
  • Sci Green: is rooted in research, growing through innovation, uses water, carbon dioxide and ethanol in “green” science processes, with customers in the automotive, waste, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries.
  • Cambridge Carbon Capture: an award-winning early-stage clean-technology venture company based in Cambridge UK.
  • CelluComp: a material science company based in Scotland that produces and sells microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) from the waste streams of root vegetables – primarily from sugar beet pulp.
  • Ufraction8: aims to become a global provider of liquid particle processing solutions based on the best in class expertise in high throughput micro-fluidics.
  • CustoMem: is developing targeted capture of micro-pollutants from industrial wastewater.

Also selected were four exciting companies, designated as ‘Ones to watch’.

  • BlueGene Technologies: is developing microbial strains for bio-conversions of low-cost starting compounds to high-value chemicals, functionalised chiral precursors and industrial dyes.
  • Adaptavate: an award-winning company that is pioneering in renewable, high-performing bio-composite building materials for a mainstream construction industry.
  • Chrysalix: unwanted waste wood is used as a very cheap raw material for the production of low-cost and sustainable chemicals, fuels and materials using Chrysalix Technologies’ BioFlex solvent process.

If you are interested in attending this event, please contact: 01904 328045