Supply Chains

We work to encourage the development of bio-based supply chains for Yorkshire and the Humber’s growing bioeconomy. The expanding bioeconomy needs new supply chains founded in raw materials sourced from agriculture, forestry and horticulture, rather than from petrochemicals.

Often, the wastes from one industry will be used as the raw materials for another. To form these supply chains, companies need to build new collaborations, often with unfamiliar sectors or disciplines. Businesses may have difficulty linking up with the right contact, or there may be other barriers to effective working partnerships. BioVale works to help companies overcome such difficulties in supply chain formation. We help potential supply chain members to connect and start working together, through our events and our Special Interest Groups. We also seek funding to support the development of bio-based supply chains. This includes bids for European funding together with our partners in other European clusters, as well as funding for regional schemes to address barriers in supply chain development.


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