Special Interest Groups

BioVale's Special Interest Group (SIGs) are voluntary groups of BioVale members that share an interest in a particular aspect of the bioeconomy. Joining a SIG will enable you to:

  • make valuable local contacts and share best practice.
  • develop your knowledge in specialist areas.
  • discuss important local developments and issues.
  • help promote regional expertise and assets.
special interest group

BioVale’s first SIG focusing on Anaerobic Digestion has been active since April 2016, organising a range of site visits, workshops and networking events.

Activities of the SIG

The SIG decides its own specific objectives and programme of activities, aligned with the BioVale strategy. Your ideas and support for these activities will be welcomed. These might involve:

  • meetings, talks and visits in specified topic area.
  • networking events for SIG members.
  • facilitating discussion on your topic area, for example via online forums.
  • promoting the work of your sector with articles, case studies or reports.
  • exchanging knowledge with BioVale or other influencers on the latest developments or issues in your sector.
  • forming working groups to progress special projects.

BioVale will provide a range of support for these activities, including advice and guidance via a designated staff member, publicity via the BioVale website and newsletter, an online discussion forum and funded meeting facilities for SIG management meetings.

Joining a SIG

Membership of the SIG will be open to any BioVale member that wishes to join. Members will be able to join as many groups as they like. Further details will be provided in the SIG terms of reference.

If you wish to join the AD SIG, contact us