Trade and investment

BioVale aims to establish Yorkshire and the Humber internationally as a key centre for knowledge and innovation in the global bioeconomy, helping companies access the multi-billion international business opportunity in the expanding bioeconomy.

To achieve this, BioVale will work to:

  • help its industrial members to export their products and services globally.
  • catalyse international research, development and innovation partnerships and knowledge transfer.
  • attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to the region.

BioVale can connect companies working in the bioeconomy to new markets in Europe, South America and the USA. We have unparalleled access to markets in the European bioeconomy through our membership of the Bio-based Industries Consortium and our relationships with bioeconomy clusters in France, Germany and the Netherlands via 3BI, Europe’s leading bioeconomy intercluster.

BioVale can also help SMEs in the UK access the supply chains of major multinationals through our direct connections with large companies and research organisations in South America and the USA as well as Europe. Our partners in UK Trade and Industry, the British Chambers of Commerce and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office provide specialised trade and export support.