BioVale brings European funded project Agrimax to York

On Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th October 2018, BioVale hosted the month 24 General Assembly meeting for the EU-funded Agrimax project.

Agrimax team

BioVale is one of 29 partners, across 11 European Countries involved in the Agrimax project. The project will demonstrate the potential of residues and by-products from the processing of tomatoes, olives, cereals and potatoes. It will also maximise the EU’s sustainability, while providing new bio-based compounds for the chemicals, food-packaging and farming sectors.

With the input of the project partners, BioVale’s will design and implement a comprehensive dissemination and communications campaign to ensure the project reaches its key audiences (industry, policymakers, academia and the general public). BioVale are also working with bioeconomy consultants 4Innovation to define sustainable value chains and propose suitable business models for the cooperative processing of agricultural and food wastes.

Agrimax is entering an exciting phase of the project, by the end of 2018 a biorefinery in Italy will process waste from tomatoes and cereals to produce lycopen, ferulic acid, cutin and hydrocompost. In Spain another biorefinery will do the same for olive and potato waste to produce polyphenols, fibres, protein and aroma recovery to develop biobased product samples for the food-packaging, chemical and farming sectors.

In addition to the meeting, the consortium also had a tour of the Biorenewables Development Centre, an open access R&D facility that works at the interface of business and academia to develop, scale up and commercialise biobased products and processes.