BioVale project Agrimax wins two awards


The Agrimax project has won not one but two awards at the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) Stakeholder Forum which took place in Brussels this week (3rd and 4th December 2019).

BioVale is a partner in Agrimax: an EU project to develop and demonstrate the production of multiple, high-value products from crop and food-processing waste. With the input of the project partners, BioVale’s will design and implement a comprehensive dissemination and communications campaign to ensure the project reaches its key audiences (industry, policymakers, academia and the general public). BioVale are also working with bioeconomy consultants 4Innovation to define sustainable value chains and propose suitable business models for the cooperative processing of agricultural and food wastes.

The project was given special recognition by one of its funders, the BBI JU for the EU project with the largest project consortium (29 partners, across 11 European Countries) and for the project with the most twitter followers (currently at 857).  The awards were presented by John Bell, Director of the Bioeconomy, Research & Innovation at the European Commission and Paloma Mallorquin, Project Officer at the BBI JU.

At the BBI JU Stakeholder Forum, the Italian project partner ARCHA gave a presentation on the two flexible multi-feedstock pilot plants and the product samples we are developing were on display in the exhibition area.

The project has built and commissioned two flexible, multi-feedstock pilot plants, the first is located in the North of Italy and hosted on family-run farm Chiesa. It is processing waste from tomatoes and cereals to produce lycopene, ferulic acid, cutin, hydrocompost and compost. In Southern Spain, another biorefinery at fruit producers Indulleida is processing olive and potato waste to produce polyphenols, fibres, protein and aroma recovery.

As the project enters its final year further updates on the biorefineries can be found via the Agrimax website and Twitter feed. If you are interested in converting your wastes and/or testing our products, please get in touch.