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Stockbridge Technology Centre

Farming is fundamental to the bioeconomy as a source of renewable feedstocks, but it is also a major source of carbon emissions. Agri-tech innovation is helping to transform food production, with the goal of achieving net-zero carbon and the UN sustainable development goals. As a leading UK agricultural region, Yorkshire and the Humber is at the forefront of food production, low-carbon R&D and applied innovation.

World-class research and development

Leading universities

The universities of York, Sheffield and Leeds are in the UK’s top 20 organisations for agri-tech and agri-science research.

Centre for Novel Agricultural Products

The Centre for Novel Agricultural Products uses plant and microbial sciences to develop sustainable industries and enhance food security.

Fera Science

At Fera Science, 350 scientists work across the agri-food supply chain to tackle the challenges facing UK agriculture.

Stockbridge Technology Centre

The Stockbridge Technology Centre provides advice, technology, innovation and education to the horticultural sector.

The National Pig Development Centre at Leeds

The National Pig Development Centre at Leeds is the UK’s largest facility for pig research, development and knowledge transfer.

Agri-tech initiatives

N8 agri-food research initiative

The N8 agri-food research initiative combines the efforts of eight universities to foster resilience across the global agri-food supply chain.

Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock

The Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock pursues livestock production and product quality research to deliver improved food quality and farming systems.

Centre for Crop Health and Protection

The Centre for Crop Health and Protection focuses on applied crop science, particularly chemical science, soil science and precision farming.

Grow Yorkshire

Grow Yorkshire aims to harness innovation, entrepreneurship and resilience to cultivate agricultural enterprise.

Agri-tech innovation


Drax’s carbon capture utilisation and storage incubation area hosts start-ups focused on transforming CO2 into materials, including sustainable animal feed proteins.

Precision Decisions

Precision Decisions offers precision farming services and has created a ‘Hands Free Farm’ where crops are planted, grown and harvested without human contact.

N2 Applied

N2 Applied’s plasma technology allows the farmer to recycle nitrogen to produce their own fertiliser at scale with reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

This is a sample of the region’s agri-tech innovation – talk to us to find out more.